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AnimExtras only gives out one award. This is for anime sites that are very, very well done. It doesn't even matter what anime series your site is about. Remember, this is only for sites that deserve it, I'm sick of giving out awards as charity. Here are the requirements:

Not terribly under construction (a little is okay)
No broken links
Good content
Very attractive layout
Extra stuff here and there
Not required, but please link to this site

And here's what it looks like:
Sample Award

To apply for the award, email and give me the following information:

Your name
Your site's name and URL
Brief description of your site
Your email address
Any other comments

Sites Who Have Won This Award

Anime IQ
A great general anime site. Nice, simple layout, organized too. Fun to look through.

Manga Babes Shrine
I love pretty buttons and text and stuff.. ^-^