AnimExtras Instructions

Sailor Saturn


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Please read these directions to ensure that your AnimExtras work properly and you won't have to waste ink or paper trying again.

The following AnimExtras need to print horizontally:
Pencil Holder Covers
Gift Boxes

The following AnimExtras require assembly:
Coasters Laminate the coasters, glue a thin piece of cork on the back.
Doorhangers Cut out the white circle at the top and hang on your doorknob
Gift Boxes Cut along all outside lines (including in and around large tabs). Fold along all lines. Glue tab A to inside edge of Side D. Fold in top and bottom flaps.
Party Hats Cut along edge, tape/glue hat in cone shape.
Place Settings Cut along the outside edge of each place card. Write the person's name on the blue circle. Then fold card in half.
Gift Tags Cut along the outside edge of the gift tags. Match the back and front each tag and glue the back and front of the tags together. Then, use a hole puncher to punch a hole in the area indicated by a small black circle.
Gift Baskets Cut along all outside lines. Fold along all lines except for the handle area. Glue each tab A to the inside edge of each side B. Bend handles (C, D) together to meet at the top and glue handle C over tab D.
Gift Bags Cut along all outside lines. Fold along all lines, glue botton tabs to form bottom of bag. Glue right tab to opposite edge to form the bag.
Little Cars Fold on the dotted lines and then glue tabs molding it to fit the shape of the little vehicle.
Pencil Holder Covers Wrap around empty can and secure with tape or glue. Coil a piece of ribbon or thick cord around top lip of can and glue in place.