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Sailor Saturn


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MIDI Songs

I tried as best I could to organize these songs. If you find a broken link or a song in a wrong category, please use the Contact Me form. This is not a complete list. There are still about 20 more songs coming.


Moon Cosmic Power Outer Scouts Trans.
NA Inner Scouts Trans. NA Sailor Moon Trans.
Sailor Starlights Trans. Eternal SMoon

Opening/Closing Themes

Moonlight Densetsu Tango Moonlight Densetsu Moon Princess
Maiden's Policy Sailor Stars Opening Sailor Stars Ending
Tuxedo Mirage Cute Version of Theme NA Opening

Songs Only In America

It's a New Day I Wanna Be A Star Carry On
My Only Love She's Got the Power Power of Love
Rainy Day Man Oh Starry Night Negaverse Theme
Rini's Theme Melvin's Theme Tuxedo Mask's Theme
Dance Mix

Songs from the Movies

3 O'Clock Fairy Moonlight Destiny Moon Revenge

Japanese Songs

I Just Can't Leave You Alone Chasing After You Don't Tease My Dreams
Don't Fear Dreaming Of You The Dreaming Odango (P 3)
*A Collection of Songs* (?) Tomoe's Evil Theme Fate is So Beautiful
Fire Soul In Love Alan's Flute Fly Me To The Moon
Haruka To Michiru Heart Moving I Wish I Was The Wind
You're Just My Love La Soldier Locket Theme
That's all for now!